Maplegate is located on lower Maple Street in Springfield. Free, secure parking is always available.
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See what our Patients are saying about us: Maplegate Rehab has over 15 years of experience in quality medical care.
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Maplegate specializes in AUTO ACCIDENTS. We have the best care for accident injuries that does not have to cost (you) the victim a dime. Usually 100% of the cost is covered by your Massachusetts auto insurance policies or your personal health insurance.
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Maplegate Rehab has treated thousands of satisfied patients with a strong track record of providing excellent care over the past 15 years in business. Maplegate has created “one-stop” professional services all under one roof. This is the most advantageous way to recover from soft tissue injuries. Our team includes a medical doctor, three chiropractors, an acupuncturist, five massage therapists and six chiropractic assistants, in addition to a state of the art fully equipped active rehab area. We also have professional drivers to transport patients in our company vehicles to and from their appointments. Maplegate has their own in house billing department with a knowledgeable staff regarding processing insurance claims. A word from our marketing department “Get to know Maplegate, appreciate what we have to offer and trust us with your health care needs”. maplegate familyMaplegate…Getting Better With You.

The moment a patient walks through our doors, the healing process begins.At Maplegate Rehab our team of healthcare professionals are dedicated to helping you achieve a quick and full recovery. So let the journey to healing begin… Here at Maplegate Rehab, we provide a variety of treatments focusing on helping you to recover from auto accidents.

We truly believe your success is our success… Maplegate Rehab… getting better with you.

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